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We can get your website listed on the front page of Google through AdWords.

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Social Media Services

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn, we create lasting social media strategies that work.

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Training Workshops

Want to learn more on how to improve your current AdWords or social campaigns? We run workshops for those who prefer a DIY approach.

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Small Changes Make Big Differences

We are focused on more than just a higher level of visits. We constantly analyse conversion data at all the touch points of your user's decision-making process.

Look at the difference a 5% conversion makes:

The same scenario is shown below with a 5% increase in conversions at each touch point:

Experience Matters

Iain Noy

Strategic Analyst

Iain has spent the majority of his professional life creating and advising clients on web related technologies, a true all rounder with critical thinking skills, along with the ability to scope, design and deliver high scale web and marketing solutions for clients in a range of industries.

With a passion to help small business create new markets and transform their business with smart advertising Iain brings a wealth of knowledge to the Three Lines team that helps us stay on the cutting edge of what we do.

4 facts about Iain:

  • Likes wine, like… a lot.
  • Doesn’t like odd shaped food
  • Used to play in a band but now is too old
  • Loves Bacon

Matt Bennell

Digital Strategist

Matt’s been helping clients conceptualise & develop digital strategies for 14 years and actually loves the delicate intricacies of data analytics.

With a special approach to the industry that combines design and website usability expertise with a solid understanding of paid and organic marketing techniques, Matt prides himself on always reaching the clients desired outcome on time and on budget.

4 facts about Matt:

  • Is a coffee snob
  • Surfs as a religion
  • Has 4 crazy kids
  • Can fix broken down Kombis

Jed Carey

Technology Analyst

Jed has worked in the web industry for over 10 years, with a track record in providing clients with sound advice and solutions.

From basic websites to large scale corporate solutions to fun apps, Jed has been instrumental in a range of prominent projects, from the initial planning and scoping sessions to the delivery of a dynamic marketing implementation.

4 facts about Jed:

  • I thrive off new ideas
  • Triple shot coffee please
  • I love scuba diving with sharks
  • When I get excited I speak fast and my arms flap

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