Making this the first

My first job in an architectural firm was in 2011, which was the same year I graduated with my Bachelor in Architectural Design at the University of Newcastle in NSW Australia. But my exposure to building and construction was much earlier than this. As a child I always seemed to find myself at a family renovation or a new house being built, trying to earn myself the opportunity to hammer a nail.

Instead was always given the duties of picking up all the nails from the ground. Some new but majority were used bent nails. And with the instructions of “straighten all of them to be reused”, my intuition to make the most out of everything was born. And I think this has a lot to do with how I approach architecture today. Getting the most out of a design for my clients.

Having worked in different areas of the building industry over the years, exposed to different scales and types of architectural projects, combined with a purposed driven design-approach, an appreciation for both architecture & construction, I can honestly say that I am blessed that I get to do, what I do for my clients.

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